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Fostering Scale Up™ Ecosystems For Growth

Posted on Mar 15, 2016 in Articles, Authored, Miscellaneous blogs, Other

If more and more companies grow more and more rapidly in your region, your economy will grow. Since 2010 we have been pioneering new methods for using entrepreneurship to drive regional economic growth. Rather than focusing on increasing the number of new firms, we are catalyzing local ecosystems which increase the firms with new growth – Scale Ups. Scale Ups are companies that enter into new, rapid growth trajectories. Our experience is that roughly 10-20% of existing businesses in any region have the business experience, customer base and operational skills to double their growth rate. What they are lacking is an environment – the entrepreneurship ecosystem – that supports new growth trajectories. Our Scale Up™ Ecosystems projects have the following core elements: Program. We have created an interconnected series of programs to impact every domain of the Scale Up™ Ecosystem, including: The Scalerator™ – teaches business owners ($1-$10 million) how to scale their ventures The ScaleCorps™ – connects experienced executives with Scale Ups for mutual benefit The CEO Forum – helps CEOs of $.3 to $3 billion companies stimulate innovative growth Leader’s Language – teaches mayors (and other civic leaders) how to encourage growth ScaleServe™ – engages professional service firms with Scale Ups Financial Engagement – impacts the profitable deployment of capital Platform. In...

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Fostering Scale Up™ Ecosystems For Growth – The cases of Manizales-Mas and Scale Up Milwaukee

Posted on Mar 15, 2016 in Articles, Authored, Miscellaneous blogs

Daniel Isenberg and Vincent Onyemah [1] To appear in MIT Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization March 8, 2016 The search for reliable and replicable strategies to stimulate regional economic prosperity is as old as the field of economic development itself. [2],[3] These strategies have included the encouragement of direct investment, business attraction and retention,[4] and sector-based cluster strategies.[5] More recently, the role of entrepreneurship has been explicitly recognized, descriptively and prescriptively. Glaeser et al. and others have shown that one essential element in sustained regional growth is the presence of significant concentrations of indigenous small and growing businesses. [6] On the surface, these empirical findings are consistent with the popularization of the entrepreneurship ecosystem metaphor and the subsequent launching by governments and civic organizations of a plethora of startup encouragement programs (e.g., the Startup America Partnership; Startup Chile) as a lead economic development strategy. Read more here.Fostering Scale Up Ecosystems For Growth GEC 2016 in press MIT Innovations March 8...

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Launch a Scalerator™ for New Growth

Posted on Mar 15, 2016 in Articles

One of the core activities in our Scale Up™ economic development projects is our innovative, growth driven Scalerator™ business training program. The Scalerator™ demonstrates how a surprising number of “post-revenue” companies can experience tangible new growth in sales, cash flows and increased growth capacity in just a few months. Not only does this new growth ignite a virtuous circle, we use the Scalerator™ to systematically align the local stakeholders around supporting more rapid growth, the way growth really happens...

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Using Supply Chains to Scale Up Your Business

Posted on Dec 4, 2015 in Articles, Harvard Business Review

By Daniel Isenberg and Timothy Coates   This article appeared on November 20, 2015 in the Harvard Business Review. Until a few years ago Steve Cronce’s Raphael Industries did $1 million dollars a year of specialized industrial painting for customers within driving distance of their plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of them happened to be GE Healthcare, which sent Raphael “dead” X-Ray tube parts for re-coating and re-commissioning. Challenged by other entrepreneurs in Scale Up Milwaukee’s Scalerator program to come...

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The Right Way to Plan an Innovation Tour

Posted on Dec 3, 2015 in Articles, Authored, Harvard Business Review

This article by Daniel Isenberg first appeared in the Harvard Business Review July 7, 2015. Innovation tourism: it’s a thing. The tourists are entrepreneurs looking for the right economic microclimate to start a business; corporate scouts looking to expand their company’s reach or improve their supply chain; policy makers trying to figure out the right balance of rules and infrastructure to create a thriving economy; investors searching for the next crop of opportunities. These well-intentioned professionals travel the world...

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