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Entrepreneurs don’t disrupt, they create value

“We have dangerous confusions about what entrepreneurs do and how they do it.” In this guest blog, Dan Isenberg argues that Entrepreneurship is the creation and capture of extraordinary value; it is not disruptive innovation per se, and innovation is neither necessary nor sufficient for entrepreneurship.

Have we forgotten that disruption is connotatively and denotatively negative?

Creation and disruption are virtual opposites. This distinction is both practical and important, because people can create a lot of disruptive innovation while destroying value rather than creating it. Extreme (and painful) example to make the point: On September 11th, 2001, a group of 19 men disrupted life as many of us knew it, killing thousands, shaking our feelings of safety, and disrupting the normal course of events in the world’s most powerful cultural and commercial center while negatively impacting the lives of many millions. The masterminds of this terrorism used totally unanticipated and novel methods that defied detection by the best trained intelligence apparatus in the world.