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Fostering Scale Up™ Ecosystems For Growth

If more and more companies grow more and more rapidly in your region, your economy will grow.scaleup

Since 2010 we have been pioneering new methods for using entrepreneurship to drive regional economic growth. Rather than focusing on increasing the number of new firms, we are catalyzing local ecosystems which increase the firms with new growth – Scale Ups. Scale Ups are companies that enter into new, rapid growth trajectories. Our experience is that roughly 10-20% of existing businesses in any region have the business experience, customer base and operational skills to double their growth rate. What they are lacking is an environment – the entrepreneurship ecosystem – that supports new growth trajectories.

Our Scale Up™ Ecosystems projects have the following core elements:

Program. We have created an interconnected series of programs to impact every domain of the Scale Up™ Ecosystem, including:

  • The Scalerator™ – teaches business owners ($1-$10 million) how to scale their ventures
  • The ScaleCorps™ – connects experienced executives with Scale Ups for mutual benefit
  • The CEO Forum – helps CEOs of $.3 to $3 billion companies stimulate innovative growth
  • Leader’s Language – teaches mayors (and other civic leaders) how to encourage growth
  • ScaleServe™ – engages professional service firms with Scale Ups
  • Financial Engagement – impacts the profitable deployment of capital

Platform. In each location we create, coach and collaborate with a compact execution team to:

  • Execute the Scale Up™ programs;
  • Build and deliver a communications program;
  • Implement an industrial grade project management platform; and
  • Continually innovate new programs

Governance. Another core element to our Scale Up™ Ecosystems projects is a clear and comprehensive governance system that blends transparency and clarity with flexibility to continually innovate.

Professionals. Our Scale Up™ projects use some of the top entrepreneurship professionals in the world from Babson College, MIT, Harvard, and beyond including Daniel Isenberg, Vincent Onyemah, Elaine Eisenman, Kevin Mulcahy, Mary Gale, Candace Brush, and others.

Principles. Through experience with diverse environments, we have distilled a set of Scale Up™ action principles, for example:

  • Focus on specific regions
  • Align the leaders from different sectors around common growth objectives
  • Get quick wins on the board showing that Scale Up™ works
  • Build communications platforms to amplify the spillovers from success