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Launch a Scalerator™ for New Growth

One of the core activities in our Scale Up™ economic development projects is our innovative, growth driven Scalerator™ business training program. The Scalerator™ demonstrates how a surprising number of “post-revenue” companies can experience tangible new growth in sales, cash flows and increased growth capacity in just a few months. Not only does this new growth ignite a virtuous circle, we use the Scalerator™ to systematically align the local stakeholders around supporting more rapid growth, the way growth really happens in the real world: step-by-step, win-by-win.

Who participates? Participating Scalerator™ companies have roughly between $2-$10 million in revenues (this can vary), a fierce ambition to grow, an ownership stake (not subsidiaries), a scalable business model, and willing to make the time commitment. Teams of 2-3 can participate.

Who pays? The Scalerator™ so far is a “pay it back” model, and it is funded by the Scale Up™ project. We are so confident about the results that we don’t charge Scalerator™ participants up front – participants donate back to the project based on the value they have received, whatever that is. That way we are always focused on delivering tangible value for the valuable time participants devote to the Scalerator™.

What’s the value? Growth. It ultimately depends on you, the participants, but our real-life-experienced faculty- coaches can support you, like having a team of world class growth-fitness trainers nearby. No less important, you will form a unique business bond with like-minded growth obsessed entrepreneurs who live and work close by.

Our Scalerator™ has four elements spread over about six months while running – growing – your business:

  • Seven 1.5 day workshops focused on sales, people, and money, and how they work together.
  • Six PPP (peer-to-peer-program) exercises to prepare you for the workshops.
  • Two remote one-on-one mentoring sessions
  • 10-15 EPIs (ecosystem plug-ins) where valuable ecosystem connectors (bankers, large buyers, government support agencies, service professionals) come meet with you to facilitate your growth.

Go to Scale Up Milwaukee to see some of the Scalerator™ companies’ own testimonies.