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About BEEP

Most leaders recognize the strategic importance of entrepreneurship for economic and social value creation, yet few understand how to go about it.

Led by Babson, a team of experts and leading institutions are developing practical programs to help public and private sector leaders around the world foster heightened levels of high growth entrepreneurship.  The approach draws on the knowledge that has accrued from around the world about how to facilitate the policies, culture, capital markets, and incentives to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit that is lurking beneath the surface everywhere.

Dozens of countries have experimented with entrepreneurship: many mistakes have been made, and some very beneficial programs have been developed. We have collected all of that experience within our project, added Babson’s unique approach to entrepreneurship, and the result is the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, also known as BEEP. It’s a practical program for leaders. Now.

Watch Daniel Isenberg Explain BEEP