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4 Big Myths About Starting Your Own Company

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 in Authored, Bloomberg Businessweek

Originally printed in Businessweek on January 21, 2014 Entrepreneurship has become faddish of late, and business school students are not immune to the fervor. I have devoted more than 30 years to the study and practice of, and investment in, entrepreneurship, and here’s my advice: take a gimlet-eyed look at what the entrepreneurial life entails before you take the leap. Entrepreneurship is almost never about working in flip-flops in an incubator; it is tough work that requires extraordinary effort. It is super full-time and super risky. In today’s tough job market, “doing a startup” may sound better than “unemployed,” “getting my third master’s degree,” or “staying with my folks awhile.” But entrepreneurship is for those who are laser-focused on building a company that will scale; it is a marathon, not a sprint, usually requiring a decade or longer of commitment. Students, like the...

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Debunking Three Entrepreneurship Myths

Posted on Jul 9, 2013 in Bloomberg Businessweek, Interviews and Media Quotes, Video, Videos and Radio

Daniel Isenberg, author of Worthless, Impossible, and Stupid, shatters the stereotypes about who the typical entrepreneur really is.   Copyright © 2013 Harvard Business School Publishing. All rights reserved. Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School. Published on Bloomberg July 9, 2013 click here to view...

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Struggling Cities, From Detroit to New Orleans, See Startups as Saviors

Posted on Apr 18, 2013 in Bloomberg Businessweek, Interviews and Media Quotes, Miscellaneous blogs, Print, Quote

Orginally published on Bloomberg Business Week, April 18, 2013 After graduating from the University of Michigan, Greg Schwartz worked in New York at Warner Music Group as director of digital business. Then the entrepreneurial bug bit him, and he tried to turn a calendar app he had created into a business. But instead of staying put or moving to a tech mecca like Silicon Valley, he returned in 2011 to his hometown of Detroit to found UpTo, inspired by Dan Gilbert, founder of Detroit-based Quicken Loans and majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. “Like so many others, I left Detroit during a massive brain drain. But I’d been hearing a lot about what was happening here, and when I thought about this being where my family was and looked at the cost of living and doing business, I came back,”...

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‘Crowdfunding’ Misleads Investors, Isenberg Says

Posted on Apr 25, 2012 in Bloomberg Businessweek, Interviews and Media Quotes, Video, Videos and Radio

April 25, 2012 (Bloomberg) — Daniel Isenberg, professor of Management Practice at Babson Global, talks about the practice of so-called crowdfunding and how it relates to investor confidence. Isenberg speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source:...

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Bloomberg (Turkey) TV Interview, Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Posted on Feb 22, 2012 in Bloomberg Businessweek, Interviews and Media Quotes, Video, Videos and Radio

Bloomberg (Turkey) TV Interview, Entrepreneurship Ecosystems on February 22, 2012 Click here to view...

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Entrepreneurship Outperforms Innovation

Posted on Feb 1, 2012 in Bloomberg Businessweek, Miscellaneous blogs, Print

Originally published on Bloomberg/Business Week, February 2012. Innovative ideas can make a splash, but entrepreneurs are more likely to create value, change the world, and make profits. Pro or con? PROS: IDEAS DON’T EQUAL VALUE by Daniel Isenberg, Babson Global If you had one dollar to invest, would you invest it in an innovator or an entrepreneur? Innovation is crucial to social advancement, but the entrepreneur gets my buck every time. Innovation is about the manifestation of novel ideas, but entrepreneurship is about value creation. Ideas help, but the sine qua non for entrepreneurs—hard work, ambition, resourcefulness, unconventional thinking, salesmanship, and leadership—will always trump brilliant ideas. I know who and where the entrepreneurs are, but who is an “innovator?” Is it anybody tinkering with a grand idea or just a mystical few? Is it a group of people or a...

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