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The Pitfalls (and Upsides) of Partnering with Entrepreneurs

Posted on Oct 18, 2013 in Authored, Harvard Business Review, Print

Originally published in Harvard Business Review on October 18, 2013 To en·gage  ( n-g j ): To pledge or promise, especially to marry; to draw into; to involve; to enter into conflict with Corporate executives are exhorted daily by well-meaning public leaders that they should support their local entrepreneurs in order to be good corporate citizens and to bolster local economies. But engagement with entrepreneurs is not a question of conscience or moral imperative; it is a question of strategic self-interest. As any experienced corporate leader knows, engaging entrepreneurs has potentially the same spectrum of pleasure and pain reflected in the formal definition, from the prospect of inextricable involvement including conflict, to the promise of partnership, to the happy possibility of union in blissful corporate matrimony and acquisition. Let’s start with the pitfalls, because these are often ignored or discounted in...

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Opportunity abounds in Milwaukee

Posted on Sep 27, 2013 in Authored, Miscellaneous blogs, Print

Originally published in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel on September 27, 2013 By Dan Isenberg We all know these past few years have been tough for many American cities, and urban pain has not left Milwaukee unscathed. But since helping launch Scale Up Milwaukee in March with an ever-expanding number of committed partners (Gov. Scott Walker, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, American Express OPEN, the Greater Milwaukee Committee, Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), I keep seeing opportunity. Recently, I interviewed Jerry Jendusa, a Wisconsin native, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee alumnus and the founding executive of EMTEQ — a $100 million venture that has grown at a steady clip even during the recession and becoming a global competitor. Wouldn’t 20 EMTEQs in the Milwaukee region change the equation entirely? I saw opportunity again recently...

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Why big business failure is a good thing

Posted on Aug 25, 2013 in Book Coverage, Financial Times, Print

Originally published in the Financial Times, August 25, 2013 By Jonathan Moules Should we be worried when large companies fail? High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights. That may seem an odd question to be asking in a column devoted to small cap businesses, although the troubles that have befallen once-mighty brands like Blackberry, Tesco and HMV have made it a regular news theme since 2008. However, I would argue big business failure is an issue for small companies – for two chief reasons. Firstly, smaller companies often rely on their larger brethren for contracts, shelf space and even for growth finance. So Therefore what happens to one affects the other. Secondly, there has been a marked difference in...

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Book review: Finding business worth in ‘Worthless’

Posted on Aug 23, 2013 in Book Coverage, Print

Originally published in the Los Angeles Times, August 23, 2013 Daniel Isenberg’s ‘Worthless, Impossible and Stupid’ dispels common myths about entrepreneurship and shows what it takes to succeed. By Jonathan Moules  This is a good time to be an entrepreneur. As the global economy has teetered on the edge of collapse, and former pillars of society from bankers to politicians have become mired in scandal, business founders have been lionized across the world as the saviors of capitalism and a source of hope for the future. The general interest in the subject means that it is also a good time to be writing a book about entrepreneurship. Daniel Isenberg is the latest to do this with what he regards as an alternative look at the subject. His new book, “Worthless, Impossible and Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture...

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Entrepreneurship is about extraordinary value creation and capture: Daniel Isenberg

Posted on Aug 19, 2013 in Authored, Business Standard, Print

Originally published on Business Standard, August 19 2013 A big challenge is to help entrepreneurs and investors ‘discover’ that it is mutually beneficial to engage, Isenberg tells Ankita Rai You say, ‘Entrepreneurship and the process of betting on it are contrarian in nature’. Does that explain the scarcity of capital for new ventures?  It depends on the environment. In general, however, it does not require much capital to scale in any given market. All the low-income markets that I have seen have sufficient liquidity to support the growth. The bigger challenge is to help entrepreneurs and investors ‘discover’ that it is mutually beneficial to engage. In many cases, the ecosystem (for example, exit or liquidity possibilities for investors) is also limited as to retard the flow of capital to entrepreneurial ventures. The role of the government is to make exits easier. The...

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Fostering Entrepreneurship in Bahrain

Posted on Aug 18, 2013 in Articles, Authored, Print

Printed in Tamkeen Annual Report...

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