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A spirit for enterprise

Posted on May 8, 2013 in Financial Times, Interviews and Media Quotes, Print, Quote

Originally published on Financial Times, May 8, 2013 By Joe Leahy When Linda Rottenberg moved to Latin America in the 1990s, she was surprised to find there was no word for “entrepreneur” in the local Spanish or Portuguese. Ms Rottenberg, president of Endeavor, a global non-governmental organisation that supports entrepreneurship, says every university student she met wanted to work for the government. Over the years, however, with the opening of the region’s economies and the rise of its stock markets, that attitude has changed so much that a Portuguese word for entrepreneur has emerged: empreendedor. “One of my favourite days was when the editor of a Portuguese dictionary told me he was adding the word for ‘entrepreneur’,” Ms Rottenberg said recently, before the Global Entrepreneurship Conference, a summit for service providers in the field, which was held in Rio...

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Struggling Cities, From Detroit to New Orleans, See Startups as Saviors

Posted on Apr 18, 2013 in Bloomberg Businessweek, Interviews and Media Quotes, Miscellaneous blogs, Print, Quote

Orginally published on Bloomberg Business Week, April 18, 2013 After graduating from the University of Michigan, Greg Schwartz worked in New York at Warner Music Group as director of digital business. Then the entrepreneurial bug bit him, and he tried to turn a calendar app he had created into a business. But instead of staying put or moving to a tech mecca like Silicon Valley, he returned in 2011 to his hometown of Detroit to found UpTo, inspired by Dan Gilbert, founder of Detroit-based Quicken Loans and majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. “Like so many others, I left Detroit during a massive brain drain. But I’d been hearing a lot about what was happening here, and when I thought about this being where my family was and looked at the cost of living and doing business, I came back,”...

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Regulation, education and ‘high impact entrepreneurs’: Q&A with Anthony Farr

Posted on Dec 20, 2012 in Interviews and Media Quotes, memeburn, Print, Quote

Originally posted on memburn By Stuart Thomas: Senior reporter 12.20.11 Entrepreneurship cannot thrive if it is not given the right environment to do so. That’s according Anthony Farr, CEO of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation — a non-profit organisation that looks to assist young entrepreneurs through learning programmes and educational scholarships. “Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned, and is not entirely dependent on natural ability or talent,” he says, “However of equal importance to the skill of the entrepreneur is ensuring an environment that encourages and rewards high-impact entrepreneurial leadership and is tolerant of mistakes and failures”. Memeburn caught with Farr and spoke to him about regulation, creating the right kind of environment for startups and educating the next wave of tech entrepreneurs. Memeburn: You say that South Africa needs to support “high impact” entrepreneurial leadership. What exactly...

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Growing an Entrepreneurial City

Posted on Oct 2, 2012 in Babson media, Interviews and Media Quotes, Print, Quote

Originally published by Babson in Fall 2012 Many civic leaders would love to turn their communities into a hotbed of entrepreneurship, a booming place where entrepreneurs spring forth with innovative ventures that create jobs and boost the local economy. That’s the vision, but how does one make it happen? Manizales, a city of about 400,000 people in Colombia, is finding out. In partnership with the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, the city has launched Manizales-Mas, a collaboration tasked with the ambitious mission of infusing entrepreneurial spirit into the heart and soul of the community. Doing that will require far more effort than simply starting a hatchery or two. Manizales-Mas is working with stakeholders throughout the city in an effort that will take time and patience. “The Manizales-Mas project is unique in the world,” says Daniel Isenberg, the ecosystem project’s founding executive...

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Crowdfunding start-ups show how to sidestep bank loans

Posted on Aug 22, 2012 in BBC, Interviews and Media Quotes, Print, Quote

Originally published on BBC news, August 22, 2012 Entrepreneurs are having a tough time at the moment, as banks are slow to loan them money but start-ups are increasingly finding funding through other means – by asking complete strangers. There is a counter-cultural buzz in the small town of Frome in Somerset. Independent cafes and shops line the hilly cobbled streets, and rare is the window not plastered with posters advertising theatre productions or art exhibitions. But even in this enterprising place, it is somewhat surprising to find evidence of an increasingly powerful new business idea. In a small workshop just outside the town centre is the Bicycle Academy. It’s a new business dreamt up by Andrew Denham, who wanted to run bike-building courses that were within the budget of the average cycling fanatic. He also wanted to incorporate...

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Crowdfunding could change the face of small business

Posted on Aug 3, 2012 in Audio, CNN, Interviews and Media Quotes, Quote, Videos and Radio

Orginally published on CNN, August 3, 2012 By Libby Lewis, CNN (CNN) – Did you hear about the guy who invented a smart-watch called thePebble watch? Investors in Silicon Valley snubbed him so he turned to the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, for help. Get this: he raised $10 million in about a month. The people who chipped in will receive Pebble watches in return. Pretty soon, those people will be able to do the same thing, and receive shares in a company, not just a watch. Part of the new JOBS Act changed the law so that entrepreneurs can seek investors on crowdfunding websites. Entrepreneur Sherwood Neiss, who helped shape the legislation, says it democratizes access to capital. He says: [2:57] “Not every entrepreneur and not every idea resides in Silicon Valley or New York City or Boston. There are brilliant ideas in Main Street cities...

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