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Speaking Requests

Daniel Isenberg speaks and consults frequently around the world on entrepreneurship. If you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement, please contact Stern Speakers.

Daniel’s  recent speaking events:

  • 1/23/2014 — Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos

  • 10/23/2012 – Local Government Association of Queensland, Queensland, Australia

  • 11/12/2012 Annual Entrepreneurs Conference, Paris, France

  • 6/21/2012 – Business Retention and Expansion International Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • 6/2-5/2012 G20 Young Entrepreneurs, Summit Mexico City, Mexico

  • 5/28-6/1/2012 Harvard Kennedy School’s Innovation for Economic Development Program, on how to build an entrepreneurship ecosystem, using the Boston Innovation District as a case in the class. 60 senior policy makers from 25 countries participated. Cambridge, MA

  • 5/14/2012 – Greater Milwaukee Committee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • 5/9-11/2012 – World Economic Forum on Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • 5/2-3/2012 – iNNpulsa, Bogota, Colombia

  • 1/25-29/2012 – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • 1/21-24/2012 – Global Competitiveness Forum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • 12/8/2011- Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, Bangalore, India

  • 11/3/2011 – Economist Brazil in 2022, São Paulo, Brazil

  • 10/31/2011 – G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit, Nice, France

  • 10/28/2011 – MIT The Legatum Convergence, Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • 10/6/2011 – Economist Mexico 2011, Mexico City, Mexico

  • 9/14/2011 – World Economic Forum, Dalian, China

  • 9/8/2011 – 13th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation, Bogotá, Colombia

  • 5/11/2011 – Institute of International and European Affairs, Dublin, Ireland (view video)

  • 3/23/2011 – Economist Innovation 2011, Berkley, CA (view video)

  • 1/11/2011 – 10th International Entrepreneurship Forum, Tamkeen, Bahrain (view video)

  • 11/2010 – Ecosistema Emprendedore, Concepcion, Chile (view video)

  • 11/2010 – Cape Town Entrepreneurship Week, Cape Town, South Africa  (view video)

  • 10/21/2010 – Universia’s Presidents and Deans Conference, Puerto Rico,  (view video)

  • 6/2010 – Bankinter Foundation for Innovation, Madrid, Spain (view video)



I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Daniel Isenberg, one of the most strategic presenters I have worked with. Isenberg has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills while maintaining a clear sense of purpose. From beginning to end, he eagerly embraces his subject matter—entrepreneurship—with an interactive, candid and enthusiastic performance. He is an impressive speaker who is extremely energetic and a natural entrepreneur who is not only magnetic, but inspiring to all those around him. – Joaquin Bacardi, CEO of Bacardi Corporation

[Testimony to Daniel’s presentation to the YPO 2012 regional conference on “How Salsa Changed My Life, On and Off the Dance Floor”] This is a great human story proving, once again, it’s never too late to achieve your goals. Daniel, your quest to improve in salsa and in life has inspired all of us. Baila Boricua! – Jose Fernandez Richards, President & Chief Investment Officer, Omega Overseas Investments, Inc.

Daniel Isenberg, one of the most highly ranked speakers last year at our 2011 G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in France, made another inspiring and provocative presentation to the 400 hundred entrepreneurs gathered from around the globe for the 4th summit in Mexico City. His concluding message was for some the most inspiring of the event, in which he explained how successful entrepreneurs generate value, not only for shareholders, but also for their social, cultural and economic environments, resulting in job creation and inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs. – Grégoire Sentilhes, Chair of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, and CEO NextStageDaniel Isenberg’s workshop on Entrepreneurship Ecosystems was the best I participated in at Davos 2012. He facilitated the session with rhythm, content and leadership that was outstanding. –Adriano Marconetto, Co-Founder and CEO, Electro Power Systems

Dan’s World Economic Forum Workstudio on Fostering Entrepreneurship was exciting. We derived real insight into entrepreneurship ecosystems and how to foster them, and Dan’s energetic moderation made this session into one of the best Forum sessions I have been in. – Yair Goldfinger, co-founder of ICQ, the world’s first internet-wide instant messaging service, which was sold to AOL in 1998; founder of Dotomi; WEF Young Global Leader

“Daniel Isenberg’s presentation was very interesting and stimulating.  His approach of challenging ‘common wisdom’ presents a fresh view of entrepreneurship.” – Fernando Chapparo, President of ASOCAÑA

Daniel Isenberg is a rare commodity. He has successfully crossed over from the experienced entrepreneur into being an incisive and exciting orator. This is truly a remarkable feat; a testament to this was my first hand experience of the rapt attention and subsequent excited feedback during his keynote speech at the 10th International Entrepreneurship Forum [IEF2011]. I would thoroughly recommend any organization or institution to utilize and exploit his unique talent. I myself am asked to speak internationally, and would consider that I am a mere amateur to the professionalism and polished performance that I witnessed. – Oliver Rothschild, Hon. Ambassador to the UN, President of ACEVO Solutions, Chairman GEOCAPITA

Dan Isenberg was critical to the success of our 3-day Innovation think tank and left a lasting impression on our group of international influencers, government officials and Spanish leaders. He is not only an engaging and dynamic speaker, but he also thoughtfully crafted and delivered his presentation in a way that compelled these leaders into action. Inspired by his words, many left inquiring about how they could work with him. We’ve invited Dan to our next event and hope to see him back in Spain soon. – Juan, Rosas, Director General,  Fundación de la Innovación Bankinter

Opening up new opportunities in both thought and action is the essence of entrepreneurship. To do so with panache, rigor and flair as Dan Isenberg did at our conference in Bahrain is a tribute to his intellectual place in the field of entrepreneurship and to his muse. Dan’s insights into the ecosystem of entrepreneurship captivated the large, global audience at a plenary session. He continued to delight and invigorate the delegates at a key panel session on entrepreneurship with his sharp observations and prompt dismissal of inanities and the humdrum! A good conference is made possible by excellent speakers, and Dan Isenberg made what was good, better!” – Professor Jay Mitra, Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, University of Essex Business School,  UK

Dr. Isenberg draws on a wealth of global experiences and distills what is relevant. In his speeches, he makes the complex accessible and relevant and in a helpful and relaxed style challenges conventional thinking and assumptions with new insights. In his presentations, several of which I have attended, Dr. Isenberg has a natural ability to develop rapport with his audience him and to quickly present practical ideas and solutions, and the resources to make them happen. – Thomas Forest Farb, Chief Executive Officer, Trust for Science, Technology and Research, Puerto Rico