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The Strategy for Growth

At BEEP we have been evolving a unique approach to bringing about the “entrepreneurial revolution.” There are several important principles:

  • Since one size does not fit all, you have to adapt the ecosystem to your local strengths and weaknesses, and engage the entrepreneurship stakeholders in the entire change process.

  • There are many  entrepreneurship stakeholders including government, schools, universities, private sector, family businesses, investors, banks, entrepreneurs, social leaders, research centers, military, labor representatives, students, lawyers, cooperatives, communes, multinational, private foundations, international aid agencies, and the like. Essentially, a stakeholder is anyone who can help encourage and support more entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in your country or city.

  • The ecosystem has to be impacted hoilstically; it doesn’t help much to change just one aspect of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, usually you need to enhance several elements in parallel.