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Why an Entrepreneurial Revolution?

Well to be honest, the Harvard Business Review editors thought up the term “entrepreneurial revolution.”  Some experts have suggested calling it an “entrepreneurial (r)evolution.”  The Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP) is pioneering a new way of thinking and acting for public and private leaders, a way that is conducive to high growth entrepreneurship. (R)evolutions are broadly inclusive and call on a society’s leaders to think and behave differently. Whereas historically revolutions replace and reform government; this entrepreneurial revolution must be instigated and led by public and private leaders, including in many cases government officials.

Entrepreneurship — the creation and capture of extraordinary value — is at the is at the heart of economic development and growth. It fuels the growth of regions and nations, brings innovative products and services to the market, and plays a key role in economies and societies throughout the world. Entrepreneurship occurs in times of economic prosperity as well as during crisis and decline.